"Most Christians expect little from God, ask little, and therefore receive little and are content with little." -A.W. Pink

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

bible-16Vines Expository pg. 119: Foreknowledge is to know before, is used of Divine         knowledge,  concerning Christ – foreknown, foreordained…the foreknowledge of God is the basis of His foreordaining counsels of human knowledge..of person.


Vincent Word Studies in the New Testament: pg 95: It is God’s being aware in His plan, by means of which, before the subjects are destined by Him to salvation, He knows whom He has to destine thereto.


Vincent Word Studies in the New Testament: pg 96: God’s foreknowledge and His decree are alike aimed at holy character and final salvation.


I have heard that to foreknow really means “foreloved” and the ones God foreloved is His very own children!


This is a word that is taken differently by different groups of people:


Reformers say that the word Foreknowledge means that God knows the end from the beginning and that He ordained all things no matter what they are or will in time be. This goes along with all of the above.


Arminians say it means that God looked forward in time and that He was able to predict the future, and that He saw all the people of all times who would choose Him and who had a good heart, so He elected and chose them to be His child. They make several mistakes, one of which is man is totally depraved – and separated form God.


In The Reformed Faith by Loraine Boettner chapter 4 – pg. 17-18 Mr. Boettner makes some very good points. 


  1. “But if God foreknows any future event, then that event is as fixed and certain as if foreordained. For foreknowledge implies certainty, and certainty implies foreordination”
  2. Arminians cannot deny that the word election or elect is in the word of God. (which occurs 25 times in the New Testament) But they say that God looked forward into the future and sees those who will respond to His gracious offer and so elects them.”
  3. Boettner says that when the Arminians acknowledge foreknowledge, they are making a fatal mistake. He says they actually cut off their own heads. Because he states if God foresees those who will be save, He also sees those who will be lost. He then asked “Why then does God create those who He foresees will be lost?”
  4. He also says that “if God wanted all men to be saved and is earnestly trying to save all men, He could at least refrain from creating those who, if created, certainly will be lost.”
  5. “It would be mere foolishness for Him (God) to wish to save or try to save those who He knows will be lost. “
  6. He (God) would be working against Himself.

7.                  “If election is based on foreknowledge – that makes it so meaningless that it becomes more confusing that enlightening. For even as regards to the elect, what sense is there for God to elect those who He knows are going to elect themselves? That would be just plain nonsense.


If God loves all mankind why would He ever create those He knows will be lost, and if God sent Jesus to die for all mankind whom the Arminians say He loves - and just one is lost then Jesus sacrifice on the cross was of no value, and He couldn’t be God. If God has to struggle to save all men or even the elect – then how does He hold the title of Almighty God, All Powerful, and Sovereign God?


In the Westminster Confession pg 33: “God the Great Creator of all things doth uphold, direct, dispose, and govern all creatures, actions, and things, form the greatest even to the least, by His most wise and holy providence, according to His infallible foreknowledge.”


He knows the end form the beginning because He created it for His purpose and what ever He has said will come to pass – then why do we argue and say He doesn’t have the right to do what ever He wants to do. What is in mankind that we even want to take God’s Word and twist it and change it to mean something that it isn’t. Why on earth would mankind desire to change the hope of our salvation into a lie and lead millions to and through the gates of hell?


Again mankind is taking a word like Foreknowledge and making it mean something it doesn’t and again mere humans are trying to say they are the deciding factor in their salvation, can you not see that your salvation is only a work of God in every aspect of it. If our salvation depends on us we better be very scared because that is a work and no man will stand in the presents of God and say “I chose, I decided”– no not one will stand and say that!


I have been hearing comments like “God is struggling to save everyone” how blasphemous!

Blasphemous =     1: the act of expressing lack of reverence for God

2: irreverence toward something considered sacred


Soon you will see how each of the “Searching for Truth Devotions” depends on one doctrine and if you don’t believe in this one doctrine all your theology falls apart.


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