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God Is Sovereign Not Us

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

bible-151Is our will stronger than the Lords, are we all powerful, are we Master over God’s creation, like the wind and the weather, where lightening strikes or over the migration of birds etc., or over our own souls? Of course not, if we were, there would not be a Sovereign God.

Christ was born for a purpose, which was to die for the ones the Father gave Him; He hung on the cross, bled, and died for His own. He rose from the grave and ascended on high and is seated on the right hand of God the Father, Jesus is our federal headship. Never did an angel sit on the throne by the Father, because Jesus is higher than the angels.


Remember the mission for which He came and then you will rejoice, that Jesus imputed righteousness to His children’s account, so that when the Heavenly Father looks at His own, He sees the Holiness of Christ and we do not stand guilty before Him.


(Imputed = Christ righteousness paid on our account) What a celebration!