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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

bible-25More people have faith that a chair will hold them up, or that they can get into a moving vehicle and it will accomplish the means it was made for, getting you from one destination to another, than having faith to believe that God can do what He says He will do.


What I want you to see here is that faith is not of yourself either, it is a gift of God, and you don’t and didn’t do anything to get it.


In the Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary copy write of 1969 states that faith is allegiance to duty or a person – loyalty, fidelity to one’s promises – belief and trust in and loyalty to God – belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion – firm belief in something for which there is no proof – complete confidence – something that is believed esp. with strong convictions; esp. a system of religious beliefs


In the Webster’s Dictionary of 1828 before the dictionaries changed their meanings of many word, it say that faith means to trust, to persuade, to draw toward something to conciliate – (the word conciliate means to make peace – appease – pacify – reconcile) to believe, to obey. Like a rope which makes fast.


1.       Belief: the assent (assent means to agree) of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting on his authority and veracity, without other evidence; the judgment of what another states or testifies is the truth.


2.       The assent (to agree) of the mind to the truth of a proposition advanced by another; belief, on probable evidence of any kind.


3.       In theology, the assent (to agree) of the mind or understanding to the truth of what God has revealed. Simply belief of the scriptures, of the being and perfections of God, and of the existence, character and doctrines of Christ, founded on the testimony of he sacred writers.


4.       Evangelical, justifying, or saving faith, is the assent (to agree) of the mind to the truth of divine revelation, on the authority of God’s testimony, accompanied with a cordial assent (to agree) of the will or approbation of the heart; and entire confidence or trust in God’s character and declarations, and in the character and doctrines of Christ, with an unreserved surrender of the will to his guidance, and dependence on his merits for salvation. In other words, that firm belief of God’s testimony, and of the truth of the gospel, which influences the will, and leads to an entire reliance on Christ for salvation.


Think and ponder this – Where did you get the faith to believe, did it not come with the grace which God gave you? So if grace is through faith then faith is the instrument by which we believe and when we believe we are save.   


Ephesians 2:8 & 9 For by grace are you saved through faith: and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.


Now notice God is saying this grace and this faith to believe is not of yourself and it comes to you as a gift from God. You don’t get it from anything you do or say or ask for, and the reason is so that you will glorify God and give Him all the credit for your Salvation, to God be the glory!! 


Remember anything you have to do, say or pray to obtain your salvation is a work – but God says not by works! How plain can God make it? If God has given you eyes to see and ears to hear you will understand this fact that is your salvation had nothing to do with you other than you were the receiver of God’s gift of grace! And give God the glory!


As you go through your day say this to yourself – “Salvation is not of myself” Salvation is not of any work that I can do.”  Think about it often during the day – think and ponder those words because in reality they are the words of God. That is what He is telling you in Ephesians 2:8 & 9.


I hope you are all being blessed by this series “Searching for Truths” in God’s Word and that He is molding you more and more into His image and that you are realizing how much He loves His children. – Even unto His death!


Seeking Truth – Think and Ponder