“You must submit to supreme suffering in order to discover the completion of joy” -John Calvin

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Friday, April 24th, 2009

Pride Cannot Live Beneath The Cross!

(Charles Spurgeon)

“He humbled Himself.” Philippians 2:8

Jesus is the great teacher of ‘humility of heart’. We need daily to learn of Him. See the Master taking a towel and washing His disciples feet! Follower of Christ–will you not humble yourself? See Him as the Servant of servants–and surely you cannot be proud! Is not this sentence the compendium of His biography, “He humbled Himself”? Was He not on earth, always stripping off first one robe of honor and then another–until, naked, He was fastened to the cross; and there did He not empty out His inmost self, pouring out His life-blood, giving up for all of us, until they laid Him penniless in a borrowed grave?

How low was our dear Redeemer brought! How then can we be proud?

Stand at the foot of the cross, and count the purple drops by which you have been cleansed. See His thorn-crown; mark His scourged shoulders, still gushing with encrimsoned rills; see His hands and feet given up to the rough iron spikes, and His whole self to mockery and scorn; see the bitterness, and the pangs, and the throes of inward grief, showing themselves in His outward frame; hear the horrid shriek, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me!”

If you do not lie prostrate on the ground before that cross–you have never seen it! If you are not humbled in the presence of Jesus–you do not know Him. You were so lost that nothing could save you–but the sacrifice of God’s only begotten Son. Think of that, and as Jesus stooped for you–bow yourself in humility at His feet.

A sense of Christ’s amazing love to us–has a greater tendency to humble us, than even a consciousness of our own guilt. May the Lord bring us in contemplation, to Calvary. Then our position will no longer be that of pompous pride–but we shall take the humble place of one who loves much–because much has been forgiven him. Pride cannot live beneath the cross! Let us sit there and learn our lesson–and then rise and carry it into practice!

Pride, worldliness, and covetousness

(J. C. Philpot, “Contemplations & Reflections”)Pride, worldliness, and covetousness may reign rampant, where grosser sins are not committed, or kept hidden from observation.


“The human heart is most deceitful and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? But I know! I, the Lord, search all hearts and examine secret motives.” Jeremiah 17:9-10

The Peacock Of Pride

(William Secker, “The Consistent Christian” 1660)

He is the most lovely Christian—who is the most lowly Christian. As incense smells the sweetest when it is beaten smallest—so saints look loveliest when they lie lowest. God will not allow such a weed as pride to grow in His garden, without taking some course to root it up.

Pride is a sinner’s torment—but humility is a saint’s ornament. “Be clothed with humility.” The garment of humility—should always be worn on the back of Christianity. Where humility is the corner-stone—there glory shall be the top-stone.

God many times places a thorn in the flesh—to pierce the balloon of pride. He makes us feel a sense of our misery—that we may sue for His unmerited mercy. The first Adam was for self-advancement—but the second Adam is for self-abasement. The former was for having SELF deified—the latter is for having SELF crucified.

We live—by dying to ourselves; and die—by living to ourselves. There is no proud man—who is not a foolish man; and scarcely is there any foolish man—who is not a proud man. It is the night-owl of ignorance, which broods and hatches the peacock of pride.

“I hate pride and arrogance!” Proverbs 8:13. God abhors those people worst—who adore themselves most. Pride is not a Bethel—that is, a house where God dwells; but a Babel—that is, a stinking dungeon in which Satan abides. Pride is not only a most hateful evil—but it is a radical evil. As all other lusts are found lodging in it—so they are found springing from it. Pride is a foul leprosy, in the face of morality; and a hurtful worm, gnawing at the root of humility. Pride is a cancer within, and a spreading plague without!

“Clothe yourselves with humility, because God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” 1 Peter 5:5

Pride Eats At The Root Of All Happiness!

(Whitmore Winslow, written at the age of 14)

Ah! blessed is he to whom God shows his own weakness and insufficiency to do anything of himself. Deem it not a curse, but a blessing, when God humbles your pride, however severe the discipline may be by which He does it.
When He teaches you to lean upon Him alone for support, thank Him for it.

Pride eats at the root of all happiness; and a proud spirit God will abase, but the humble spirit He will exalt.

The Leaven Of Pride?

(Thomas Reade, “Christian Experience”)

The leaven of pride is not wholly eradicated, even in the bosom of the humble Christian.

There are seasons when it works with painful violence; and then, the darkness of our minds, and the deadness of our hearts, indicate that the Holy Spirit is grieved, and that Satan has gained an advantage over us.

Spiritual pride is a subtle evil.

It slides into our prayers, and entwines itself about our praise.

It spoils our best duties, and creates that fondness for human approbation, which puffs up the heart, and steals it away from God.

With permission from Grace Gems

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Friday, April 24th, 2009

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