“As sure as God puts His children in the furnace he will be in the furnace with them” -Charles H. Spurgeon

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Quotes by J.R. Miller

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-miller1.      It is a great deal easier to do that which God gives us to do, no matter how hard it is, than to face the responsibilities of not doing it.J.R. Miller

I found this wonderful site but it went off the air to my surprise on J.R. Miller called JR Miller Archives – I think you will enjoy visiting and searching the wonderful works on this site: http://www.jr-miller.com/ That is if it comes back up.

Need a Revealer of Love (In Green Pastures) 

2.      Whatever makes us forget ourselves and think of others lifts us upward. This is one reason that God permits suffering. We would never know the best and richest of human love if there were no pain, no distress, no appeal of grief or of need. The best and holiest of mother-love would never be brought out if the child never suffered. The same is true of God’s love. God would have loved his children unfallen just as much as he loves them fallen, but the world would never have known so much of God’s love had not man fallen. Our sore need called out all that was richest, holiest, and divinest in our Father’s heart. If no night came we should never know there are stars. Darkness is a revealer.

Dedication (Meditation on the 23rd Psalm)

3.      Whoever lets loose a sunbeam in this world starts a benediction among men. Whoever sets a little lamp where its beam may shine on even a few feet of some one’s path has done that which is worth while. God made the sunbeam, and the candle was lighted a great while ago; but if in my little book I can bring the light nearer to some who will be blessed and cheered by it, that will be enough. J.R.M.

Choosing a Wife (The Marriage Altar)

4.      On no other subject do young people need wise, loving counsel more than in choosing for marriage. One reason is that it is possible to make a mistake. Not every marriage is happy. Of all mistakes this is one of the saddest, for it is irretrievable. If a man does not like his house, he can move out of it. If your companions are not congenial, you can drop them. But when you have taken the marriage vows there is no honorable release.

A wise marriage leads a man to the noblest, truest, fullest, and best life. Thousands of men owe all their success and prosperity to their choice of a wife. She has been the good angel of their destiny. There is a fable of a lump of common clay which was made fragrant by the rose which rested beside it. Countless men of common mould have been transformed into rare beauty, refinement, and grace of character, by the gentle woman whom they were so blessed as to find for a wife. A wise man wants a wife who will make something of him, whose influence will ever inspire him to do his best. J.R.M.

Choosing a Husband (The Marriage Altar) 

5.      Someone may say, “But a woman does not choose her husband. She waits to be chosen, and can do no more than accept or refuse.” Yet the woman is to be pitied who marries a man whom her heart does not choose from among all men. If she is doubtful upon this point, she is not ready to marry.

There is something very sacred, almost awe inspiring, in the act by which a woman, at her entrance into the marriage state, confides all the interests of her life to the hands of him whom she accepts as her husband. She leaves father and mother and the home of her childhood; she severs all the ties that bind her to her old life; she gives up the friends and friendships of her youth; she cuts herself off from the sources of happiness to which all through her years she has been accustomed to turn; she looks up into the face of him who has asked her to be his wife, and with trembling heart, and yet with quiet confidence, entrusts to him and his keeping all the sacred interests of her life.

It is a holy trust which a man receives when a noble woman thus commits herself to his keeping. It is the life long happiness and well being of a gentle heart, capable of ineffable joy or of unmeasured misery. It is the whole earthly future of a life which may be fashioned into the beauty of Christ, or marred, its beauty forever shattered. J.R.M.

Secrets of Wedded Happiness (The Marriage Altar) 

6.      The happy day has come. The man and the woman who have chosen each other as wife and as husband stand at the altar. Taking the woman’s hand, the man says to her, “I take thee to my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy ordinance; and thereto I plight thee my troth.” Taking the man’s hand the woman says to him, with slight variations, the same words. Then they twain, pronounced one, go forth, to begin their wedded life together.

How can they make their marriage a truly happy one? It can be done; it ought to be done; it will be done, unless one or the other or both shall fail in keeping the sacred covenant. How can it be done?

One suggestion is that the love and the loving ways of the wooing days must be carried over into the life of the wedded days. Why is it that so many married people, when the honeymoon is over, drop all the arts of love by which they won and held each other in affection’s thrall before marriage? The young husband comes in tired, and leaves at the door his affectionateness, sometimes even his good manners. He takes no pains to be agreeable, much less tender. A husband should be as affectionate to his wife, even when both are gray headed, as he was to the girl when he was trying to win her.

This rule applies also to a wife. You remember how you used to watch for your lover, how cordially you always greeted him, how charming you made his stay. Do you watch now for his steps when he comes home? Do you greet him with the old tenderness?

The Wedding Ring (The Marriage Altar) 

7.      The wedding ring, given and received, is the token or pledge of faithfulness. The man in giving the ring binds himself by all that is holy and sacred to be a true husband to the woman to whom he gives it, until death shall separate them. The woman who receives the ring in the like manner binds herself to be a true and faithful wife to the man from whom she accepts it. The ring is to both of them the seal of the holy covenant. Every woman who wears a wedding ring is by this token set apart from all other women. Every time she sees the golden circlet upon her hand, if she is a true woman, she will remember the holy covenant into which she has entered.

There is danger that too often the sacredness of marriage is not understood by those who enter it. The words of the ceremony declare that marriage is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently, discreetly, soberly, and in the fear of God. Not all who take upon themselves the solemn vows do it in this serious way. Too many marry without one sober thought about what they are doing. Two young persons meet, are attracted the one to the other, go together a longer or shorter times, “fall in love,” become engaged. Then in a little while they are united in marriage. They have never thought the matter through seriously. They have not asked whether they are suited to each other or not. They have gone blindly into marriage. Is it any wonder that ofttimes such marriages are sad failures?

Miscellaneous Audio Messages

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009






Beautiful Old Age – 11 minutes – Audio

A Gentle Heart – 39 minutes - Audio

It will help us greatly in our Christian life – 5 minutes – Audio

With permission from Sermon Audio

The Ministry of Comfort – J. R. Miller, 1898

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerSection 1

Glimpses of Immortality

Why Trouble Comes

“But He for our Profit”

Love in Taking Away

Trouble as a Trust

Some Blessings of Sorrow

Comfort in God’s Will

Section 2

Jesus as a Comforter

God Himself the Best Comfort

The Duty of Forgetting Sorrow

Effectual Prayer

The Effacement of Self

One Day

The Culture of the Spirit

Section 3

The Secret of Serving

The Habit of Happiness

Thinking Soberly

Stumbling at the Disagreeable

The Duty of Thanksgiving


Things Which Discourage Kindness

Putting Away Childish Things


A theological professor used to say to his students, “Never fail in any service, to have at least a word of comfort. No congregation, however small, ever assembles, but there is in it a person in sorrow, who will go away unhelped, if in scripture lesson, hymn or prayer, there is nothing to lift up a heavy heart.”

No book for devotional reading would be complete, however full of other lessons, if it contained nothing for those who are in sorrow. In this little volume special prominence is given to the ministry of comfort, in the hope that the book may make some hearts braver and stronger in the hard and painful ways of life. It is affectionately dedicated to those who are called to pass through trial.

With permission from Grace Gems

The Hidden Life – J. R. Miller, 1895

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerThe Chapters in this little volume may have their message to some who are striving to live near the heart of Christ. It is the hidden life which makes the character. What we are in the depths of our being, where no human eye can penetrate, that we are actually, as God sees us. Then this inner life will ultimately work its way through to the surface, transforming the character into its own quality. Nothing can be more important, therefore, than that the hidden life be true, pure, beautiful, and Christ-like. “Man looks at the outward appearance—but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

The Hidden Life

The Outer and Inner Life

Satisfaction—Not Repression

Comfort in Christ’s Knowledge of Us

A condition of Divine Blessing

Secrets of Contentment

Our Unanswered Prayers

For the People Who Fail

The Sin of Not Praying for Others

On Growing Old Successfully

With permission from Grace Gems

The Every Day of Life – J. R. Miller, 1892

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerIt’s never too late to begin the journey of the every-day of life to awaken and strengthen your soul.

Section 1

The every-day of life

Our Debt to the Past

The Beatitude for the Unsuccessful

The Blessing of Quietness

On Being a Discourager

Making Life a Song

Life-Music in Chorus

Section 2

Loving the Unseen Friend

The Secret of Peace

 In Time of Loneliness

The Blessedness of Not Knowing

Words about Consecration

The Duty of Speaking Out

Learning by Doing

Section 3

The Blessing of Patience

Hurting the Lives of Others

The Cost of Being a Friend

Our Unsuspected Perils

The Bearing of Our Burdens

The Influence of Companionship

As it is in Heaven

The Ending of the Day



This book is dedicated to those who want to grow more holy. If you are satisfied with yourself—you would better not read it, for it might spoil your contentment.

It is sent out with the hope that it may be helpful to some, first in showing glimpses of better things, and then in leading toward them. It is written for people who have common human experiences, in the heart of the world’s toil and care; one who is a fellow-pilgrim with like experiences would lend a brother’s hand.

Perhaps a discouraged one—may take heart again after reading some of these simple chapters; or one who has not thought seriously of life—may grow a little more earnest; or one who has fallen by the way—may rise and face toward the light and begin to live victoriously; or a fainting robin may be helped back into the nest again. That will be blessing enough.
J. R. Miller

With permission from Grace Gems

The Building of Character – J. R. Miller, 1894

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerPart 1

The Building of Character

Our Undiscovered Faults

Life’s Second Chance

Getting Help From Criticism

Fellow-workers with God

Our Debt to Others

Part 2

The Responsibility of Greatness

The Ability of faith

Sources of Strength

The Blessing of Weakness

Living Victoriously

Interpreters for God

Part 3

Some Secrets of a Beautiful Life

Helping by Prayer

The Cost of Praying

Making Friendship Hard

Give Them Something to Eat

On Judging Others

Part 4

Christ’s Withheld Lessons

For the Days of Darkness

Hidden Words in the Bible

Getting the Joy of Christ

The Need of the Afterlook

Nothing else we can do or make in this world is so important as that which we build along the years in ourselves. What we are at the end is a great deal truer test of living—than what we have or what we have done.

It is hoped that these chapters may give helpful suggestions to thoughtful readers toward the attaining of the things in life which are more excellent. The author is exceedingly grateful to the many who have written him of the strength, comfort, encouragement, guidance, or inspiration received from his former books, and sends out this new volume in the hope that it, too, may have a ministry of helpfulness.

With permission from Grace Gems

The Book of Comfort – by J. R. Miller, 1912

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerSection 1

Speak Tenderly

The Ministry Of Comport

How Christ Comports His Friends

Be Op Good Cheer

Does God Care?

You Will Not Mind the Roughness

Why Does No One Ever See God?

The One Who Stands by

Section 2

After Bereavement—what?

Comfort Through Personal Helpfulness

Christ and I Are Friends

More than Conquerors

Reaching for the Mountain Splendors

Life’s Open Doors

Some Lessons on Spiritual Growth

The Thanksgiving Lesson

The Indispensable Christ

Section 3

In That Which Is Least

The Master and the Children

Portions for Those Who Lack

Slow and Steady Advance the Best

What to Do with Our Unequal Chance

“If Two of You Shall Agree

When We Are Laid Aside

Face to Face with One’s Own Life

The Meaning of Immortality

With permission from Grace Gems

The Best Things in Life – J. R. Miller

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerHe who is satisfied with himself and with his attainments, is not living worthily. A wholesome life ever sees better things yet to be reached. Being good is not enough; striving to be better is not the loftiest aim. Nothing less than the best should ever satisfy an immortal being!

Part 1

1. For the Best Things

2. Think on These Things

3. Apelles, The Approved

4. The Rule of Peace

5. Sympathy with Weakness

6. Persis, The Beloved

7. This Beginning of the Signs

Part 2

8. Christ In Our Every Days

9. Doing Impossible Things

10. Crosses

11. Power of Christ’s Friendship

12. Why Not be Troubled?

13. The Problem of Temptation

14. Christ’s Body and Its Members

Part 3

15. Reserve

16. A Program for a Day

17. Let Us Love One Another

18. Praying Without Ceasing

19. Roots and Roses

20. Show Me the Path

The Beauty of Self-control – J. R. Miller

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerPart 1

1. The Beauty of Self-control

2. The Work of the Plough

3. Finding Our Duties

4. Into the Right Hands

5. Living Unto God

6. The Indispensable Christ

7. The One Who Stands By

8. Love’s Best at Home

9. What About Bad Temper

10. The Engagement Ring

Part 2

11. What Christ’s Friendship Means

12. People as Means of Grace

13. What Christ is to Me

14. Our Unanswered Prayers

15. The Outflow of Song

16. Seeing the Sunny Side

17. The Story of the Folded Hands

18. Comfort for Tired Feet

19. The Power of the Risen Lord

20. Coming to the End

Sermons by: J. R. Miller – (1840 – 1912)

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-miller“If any 19th century American Christian writer warrants reprinting, it is J. R. Miller! His writing style is delightfully smooth, his insights are spiritual diamonds on every page, and his pastoral applications are delivered with the skill of a well-seasoned physician of souls.” (Pastor Bill Shishko)


J. R. Miller BOOKS

A Gentle Heart

About Temper

After Bereavement—What?

Be of Good Cheer!

Beautiful Old Age

Being Christians on Weekdays

By the Still Waters


Christ and I are Friends

Comfort in Christ’s Knowledge of Us

Comfort Through Personal Helpfulness

Coming to the End

Counsel and Help

Does God Care?

Don’t Worry!

Face to Face with One’s Own Life

Faults and Ideals of Young Men

Faults and Ideals of Young Women

Glimpses of the Heavenly Life

Go Forward!

Guarded from Stumbling

How Jesus Comforts His Friends

Husbands and Wives -


If Two of You Shall Agree

In Green Pastures

In Perfect Peace

In That Which Is Least

Iron Shoes for Rough Roads

Judging Others

Life’s Open Doors

Living Victoriously

More than Conquerors

Mutual Forbearance

Our Unanswered Prayers

Portions for Those Who Lack

Reaching for the Mountain Splendors

Religion in the Home

Secrets of Contentment

Secrets of Happy Home Life

Shut In

Slow and Steady Advance is the Best

Some Lessons on Spiritual Growth

Sorrow in Christian Homes

Speak Tenderly

The Beatitude for the Unsuccessful

The Beauty of Kindness

The Bible in Life

The Blessing of Quietness

The Blessing of Weakness

The Christian Husband

The Christian in the World

The Christian Wife

The Cure for Care

The Duty of Encouragement

The Effacement of SELF

The Engagement Ring

The Excellent Woman

The Fruits of Wisdom

The Habit of Happiness

The Hidden Life

The Hidden Life

The Marriage Altar

The Master’s Friendships

The Ministry of Comfort

The One Who Stands By

The Path of Life

The Rewards of Obedience

The Thanksgiving Lesson

The Way to Victory

The Wedded Life

The Work of the Plough

Transformed by Beholding

Uniting with the Church

What to Do with Our Unequal Chance

When We Are Laid Aside

Why Does No One Ever See God?

You Will Not Mind the Roughness

With permission from Grace Gems

Making the Most of Life – by J. R. Miller, 1891

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerPart 1

1. Making the Most of Life

2. Laid on God’s Altar

3. Christ’s Interest in Our Common Life

4. The Possibilities of Prayer

5. Getting Christ’s Touch

6. The Blessing of a Burden

7. Heart-peace Before Ministry

8. Moral Curvatures

9. Transfigured Lives

10. the Interpretation of Sorrow

11. Other People

12. The Blessing of Faithfulness

 Part 2

13. Without Axe or Hammer

14. Doing Things for Christ

15. Helping and Over-helping

16. The Only One

17. Swiftness in Duty

18. The Shadows We Cast

19. The Meaning of Opportunities

20. The Sin of Ingratitude

21. Some Secrets of Happy Home Life

22. God’s Winter Plants

23. Unfinished Life-building

24. Iron Shoes for Rough Roads

25. The Shutting of Doors

Living Without Worry – J. R. Miller

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerSection 1

Starting Right

Thinking and Turning

Sins of Omission

The Lesson of Gladness

Can We Learn to Be Contented?

Building Our Life on God’s Plan

Enlarge the Place of Your Tent

Help for the Common Days

The Beautifying of Imperfect Living

Are the Beautiful Things True?

Section 2

The New Kind of Love

“As I Have Loved You”

Divine Use of Human Cooperation

Converted Tongues

Speak it Out

The Summer Vacation

Launch Out Into the Deep

The Basis of Helpfulness

Helping by Not Hindering

Bearing One Another’s Burden

Section 3

The Ministry of Suffering

“Your Will be Done”

The Cost of Carelessness

Jesus Consecrating all Life

How to Get Help From Church Services

The Value of Devotional Reading

The Value of Communion with God

The Birthday of the New World

Christmas After Christmas Day

The Problem of Christian Old Age

With permission from Grace Gems

Home-Making – J. R. Miller, 1882

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerThe Wedded Life

The Christian Husband

The Christian Wife

The Parent’s Part

The Children’s Part

Brothers and Sisters

The Home-life

Religion in the Home

Home Memories

With permission from Grace Gems

The Garden of the Heart – J. R. Miller, 1906

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerSection 1

A Heart Garden

The Awakening of Life’s Glory

The Servant of the Lord

Christ’s Call for the Best

What Christ Expects of Us

The Lesson of Perfection

Following Our Visions

Section 2

The One Thing to Do

As Living Stones

The Christian in the World

Witnesses for Christ

Guarded From Stumbling

The Bible in Life

The Making of a Home

Section 3

Guarding Our Trust

The Lesson of Rest

The Message of Comfort

On Being a Peacemaker

The Other Man

Making Our Report

With permission from Grace Gems

Finding the Way – J. R. Miller, 1904

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

j-r-millerSection 1

Finding the Way

Learning God’s Will

God’s Silences to Us

Letting God In

The Sympathy of Christ

The Only Bond

The Master at Prayer

The Master on the Beach

Section 2

In the Love of God

The Abundant Life

We are Able

To Each One His Work

One Thing I Do

At Your Word, I Will

The Duty of Pleasing Others

The Privilege of Suffering Wrongfully

Section 3

The Duty Waiting Without

The Thanksgiving Habit

Because You Are Strong

The Glasses You Wear

As If We Did Not

Making A Good Name

Letting Things Run Down


The little books of this “Silent Times” Series have been a great comfort to the author in that they have proved helpful to many people in all parts of the world. Letters come continually from those who have been strengthened or encouraged by them. This new volume is sent out in the hope that it, too, may carry cheer and inspiration to those who may read it. The sweetest joy of earth, comes from the privilege of being used by the Master in helping others to live a little more hopefully, victoriously and usefully.

With permission from Grace Gems