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Names Of God

Names of God Banner - Public DomainThis will be a section in progress just like the Glossary so keep your eyes open and see the additions as they are posted from time to time.

If you have any addition I will leave the comment section open so you can notify me of them. Thanks for any help in this project.

Also Pastors, you I am sure know some of the names of God or Christ that are the ones we don’t hear about very often – I would appreciate your sharing them along with there meanings with us.

Thanks for any and all help.
Blessings in His Name!

Adoni = Sovereign Master, Lord, Owner
Advocate = Called to ones side, to ones aid, able to give aid, legal assistant, counsel for defense, one who pleads another’s case, and intercessor, succourer, comforter
Almighty = Ruler of all! To hold, to have strength is used of God only
Almighty God
Alpha = The first of everything
Ancient of Days = Oldest of time
Anointed One – He is Christ Jesus
Apostle of our Profession = One sent forth for us from God whom we proclaim.
Arm of the Lord = To embrace, The tenderness of Christ towards little children also denotes strength of the Lord
Blessed Hope = To praise, to celebrate with praise – the hope = confidence of the resurrection denotes happiness, joy anticipation of good, Christ is where our hope is fixed!
Christ = the Anointed One
Christ Jesus the Lord = master, Anointed, Messiah, Jehovah is salvation, Owner
Comforter = Exhortation or consolation, encouragement, Entreaty, comfort with a greater degree of tenderness, calls one to His side, able to give aid, legal assistance, counsel for defense. An advocate, succourer
Creator = He is Yahwah -To create, always of the act of God, natural and spiritual creation In John 1 Christ is the Word and the Word is god and it says Christ created EVERYTHING! (Elohim is a plural noun word it is 3 or more it occurs 2,570 times, and in Genesis it occurs 32 alone. In a singular sense of the One True God, in a plural of majesty or excellence. )
Day Spring = A rising up to cause to rise in the east
Day star = light bearing
Dominion over the universe
El = Generic for God or god, strong
El Elyon = the Most High God, Strongest Strong One, Possessor of heaven and earth, He Defeats Satan and demons, He rules all kingdoms, No force can defeat Him.
El Hai = The Living God
El Olam = Everlasting God, God of eternity, unchangeable God, inexhaustible strength
El Roi = The God who sees
El Shaddai = The Almighty God, Strength, power, Mighty, all sufficient, Makes fruitful and He blesses our seed.
El-Elyon = The Most High God, Strongest Strong One. Possessor of heaven and earth
El-Hai = The Living God
Elohim = God of Israel, The strongest strong God, faithful covenant keeping God,
EL-Olam = Everlasting God, God of eternity, unchangeable God, inexhaustible Strength
El-Raah = All seeing God, sees all, to observe and to perceive
EL-Roi = The Lord who sees
Father = He gives his children peace and grace
Fountain Head of all life
God = Elohim, Strongest Strong God, Faithful covenant keeping God
GOD = Jehovah, Yahweh
Great Amen = This refers to God – the faithful God
I AM = I am Who I am (this name tells us God is He who is the absolute I, the self-existent One)
Jehovah = This is God’s personal name it is most holy! = Yahweh = self existent, Holy and Just God, Fountain head of all life
Jehovah is Faithful = God of truth
Jehovah Jireh = Jehovah will see and the Lord will provide
Jehovah Maccaddeshcem = The Lord your Sanctifier
Jehovah Nissi = Jehovah my banner, He is my protector
Jehovah of the Old Testament is the Jesus of the New Testament.
Jehovah Rapha = Jehovah healer, spiritually, mortally, mentally, physically and financially
Jehovah Sabaoth = The Lord who will fight our battles, same as God of Host, and Lord of Host, supreme head and commander of all the heavenly forces
Jehovah Shalom = Jehovah my peace
Jehovah Shammah = Jehovah is here and there
Jehovah Shepherd = Jehovah will direct us
Jehovah Tsidenu = The Lord our righteousness
Lord = Adoni, Sovereign Master, Owner, Lord, Kurios, Possessor of heaven and earth, Sir, Supreme Authority, Dominion over the universe, creator.
LORD = Jehovah, Yahweh, Self Existing, Holy and Just God, Fountain Head of all life
Owner Possessor of heaven and earth
Prince of Life = the life He had was not from another, He gave Himself life
Sovereign master
Supreme Authority
The Son of God = This title express the deity of the Lord Jesus as distinguished form His humanity. In the scripture this designations never applied to His miraculous birth, or exclusively to His Messiahship which, however, is included =, but invariably to His original relation to the Father as he was in His preexistence before He assumed humanity.
Our Lord declares Himself to be the Son of God, and includes His Messiahship as based upon His proper oneness and equality with God
The Jews wanted to stone Jesus because He said of Himself that He was the Son of God. The Jews understood that Jesus was saying that He Himself was and is God
The Lord Jesus Christ = signifies Saviour. (Matt. 1:21 He shall save His people from their sins)
Theos = God, Jesus, One true God, He is unique because only God, He is transcendent, God is the Creator, Savior!!
Yahweh = He causes to be or exist (example He creates) He who is! The power and strength of God
Yahweh Elohim Israel = The Lord God of Israel
Yahweh Roi = The Lord my Shepherd