“When you pray, rather let your heart be without words than your words without heart.” -John Bunyan

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Treasure Chest of God’s Gems:

This web site is to bring you a quick access to many other sites where you can listen to audio – or read written sermons or messages by featured Reformed and Puritan people of the past and present.

Things like biographies, or articles I might write or quotes posted for your convenience will give credit to the sites where they have been gleaned.

Note: I am trying to post everything about a featured person together so there might be a lot of new things added, however they will be added on dates that represent the individual persons dates I have assigned to them. So new post will be added yet will not always appear as the first post, but will be with the persons other items.

Another item, I have created a section called How to Find – What? – everything should be easy to zero in on in this section if you are wanting something quickly.


This site is to build Christian men and women up in the faith of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – any or all glory must go to Him and Him alone.

Joining Hands in Ministry:

We were asked to join hands with Providence Baptist Ministries so the masses could receive the information which we were sending out in an e-mail devotional once a week on Fridays, called “Devotions of Your Choice.” For the convenience of this site, post will be made a little different than the Devotions of Your Choice but the site will contain the same information.

Who am I? My name is Lynn.

I am reformed in belief which in reality is biblical doctrine. I agree with the Westminster Confession of Faith, as well as the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689. I am a sinner saved by the wonderful grace of my Blessed Saviour and He is my all in all.

My desire is to glorify the Lord of my life, as I grow in His grace and knowledge, as well as to build up the saints of God – (His elect from before the foundations of the world) as we journey to the Heavenly City of God.

A Special Note:

Years ago a young 17 year old girl named J.P. came into our life. 25 years later we were reunited with her – as a gift J.P. created a blog for me called The Master’s Pottery Shop so I could share to my heart’s content about my Lord Jesus Christ. It has been a wonderful ministry and J.P. and I work hand in hand to keep the site going. J.P. is the brains and the mechanics behind the scenes, which makes everything work as it does and she is always there when I yell “HELP.”  Without her support The Master’s Pottery Shop” would never have been.

J.P. once again has stepped forward and has set into motion the new site, the “Treasure Chest of God’s Gems” where we once again are working together to present to our readers “Meat” to build up the saints of God, so we all can feed at the feet of Christ.

Without her this site as well as The Master’s Pottery Shop” would not be – My love and gratitude to her always.