“We must remember that Satan has his miracles, too.” -John Calvin

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J.R. Miller





Finding the Way – J. R. Miller, 1904

Home-Making – J. R. Miller, 1882

J.R. Miller – Bio

Living Without Worry – J. R. Miller

Making the Most of Life – by J. R. Miller, 1891

Miscellaneous Audio Messages

Miscellaneous Works by J.R. Miller

Quotes by J.R. Miller

Sermons by: J. R. Miller – (1840 – 1912)

The Beauty of Self-control – J. R. Miller

The Best Things in Life – J. R. Miller

The Book of Comfort – by J. R. Miller, 1912

The Building of Character – J. R. Miller, 1894

The Every Day of Life – J. R. Miller, 1892

The Garden of the Heart – J. R. Miller, 1906

The Hidden Life – J. R. Miller, 1895

The Ministry of Comfort – J. R. Miller, 1898